Thursday, 22 August 2013

Our new home!

We were warmly welcomed into our new home by our landlords and then we were shown around the 'cottage'. 

We were also greeted by two chipmunks!

(Emily's) Chester

And (Lizzy's) Gus!
 Chester and Gus have been saving up for winter, and we have helped then, by giving them raspberries and special chipmunk food!
We might even have been feeding them a bit to much! I am writing a creative non-fictional story about Chester- which you will probably be seeing by the end of the week!


  1. Is it possible to feed a chipmunk too much? I'm sure Chester and Gus would say, 'No!'

    Looking forward to the story :^)

  2. The chipmunks look so cute. Bring one homw for Sam to play with Em!